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Anniversary Sale April 23rd, 2018
Hello Everyone

We have opened another new site Script has been upgraded and addon
has been installed.
We have readjusted the amount of payments which is more per request as it was set for perfect money.

Anniversary Sale
The sale is at ALL sites and is as follows,payment processors are at 10% off  Monthly upgrades will
receive $4.00 in account and 5 extra days for all monthly memberships.
Yearly memberships will receive $15.00 in account.Also we have a BOGO on all advertisement
packages BUY 1 GET 1 Free bogos will be done manually. Please allow 24 hours.This sale starts upon
receipt of this email.This sale of some kind will be gone on all month and into next month as we
are celebrating 4 years when we originally started these sites.If anybody can tell me the original
sites name which it has been changed I will give you an extra 5 days in membership and $5.00 in
account,either the old name of site or new name of site will win,One guess per member

Special News

We are starting to get alot of standard members using perfect money with more then one ACCOUNT SO
We have come up with another solution to the problem I want ALL members to read the news on site
under standard members payments.Also when ordering item with Perfect Money there is a place for
a memo please write in there what site you are making payment to.One last thing when posting ads
you must ad credits and for ptc ads you need at least 100 credits,remember 1 credit =1 visit.

Thank you

Standard members payments April 19th, 2018
Hello Everyone
This is for all standard members due to the amount of cheating with perfect money we had
to cease payment requests.We are now ready to open it back up but in order to
stop the cheating you now must make a purchase on any item in the store to qualify for
standard members payment requests,buying a membership then you are able to request the
rate of that membership.I was sorry to have to do that but it only takes a few bad apples
to ruin it for everybody.Now if you put in for payment request without making a purchase
it will be canceled the first 2 times and the third time it will get cancel and the
your account suspended for 30 days.the standard members requests are now back open.
Thank you

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